Original New Orleans Poboy & Seafood 2


Seafood, Sandwiches

Price Range : Under $10 ($)

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Adress: 526 Florida Ave SW, Denham Springs, LA 70726

Phone: (225) 667-3377

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  • Angela C.

    star star star star star_border 3 August 2021

    The service is great. The people are so friendly. I got the hamburger poboy and it seemed like they had a small amount of meat on it but it tasted well. The fries were good and crispy. My son got the chicken tenders and he said he liked them

  • Gordon W.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 29 July 2021

    Ok. so i've only been here once before today. ordered chili cheese dogs, and cheese fries. I got exactly what I ordered and was happy and actually couldn't wait to come back again. Today was a whole new experience. I went in with a friend and ordered the same exact thing i got last time. What I got was cheese fries, and chili dogs, but with mustard instead of cheese. I didn't realize until i took a bite and I do not like mustard at all and decided to take it back to the counter. I told the guy working at the counter what the issue was, told him I was not angry or upset I just thought i ordered chili cheese and didn't want chili and mustard. He was very pleasant and understanding and aimed to fix the problem. his manager then walked to the counter, this lady was TERRIBLE. she started by asking what the problem was and questioned my order up and down and acted extremely annoyed with my request. as she walked back to the kitchen i heard the cashier yell out to her that she has to make fresh hot dogs, not just scrape the mustard off. could not believe she had to be told that. . just a few minutes after sitting down she slapped my food on the counter and yelled out that it was ready. I went over to grab the plate and sit down. This time I had chili dogs (which came out much quicker than the previous ones btw) but no cheese.
    at this point i'm done complaining and i'm hungry and just want to eat so I don't say anything about the cheese. before i took a bite my friend pointed something out on the end of the hot dog, it was mustard!  I grabbed my fork and scraped away the chili revealing a nice amount of mustard smeared on the top and front of the hot dog. i decided to eat my fries, and take the hot dogs back to the counter. i explained the the guy once again that i didn't want to start anything and i don't want to complain but i wasn't happy with the order she "remade" me. I showed him the mustard and told him I was going to pay for the fries i ate and drink but i would like a refund on the hot dogs. The manager came back out to see what the issue was and the cashier tried talking to her and I tried explain the problem to her.. she just wasn't having it. she questioned me about seeing mustard on it, was interrupting me while talked... just being horrible... she then walks to the kitchen  with the hot dogs to examine them or something and i hear her literally yell "Ha! Got You!"

    ...i was very concerned after that. she came back to the counter and presented me with my chili dogs, but the tip of the hot dog was cut off where the mustard was. she told me there was no refund and they had a "policy." whatever lady. I was just pretty blown away by this experience. I went straight to throw the food away right after that and the cashier guy walked up to me and offered me cash out his own pocket to refund me and apologized for everything.

    Do not eat at this place. I would never trust anything I ordered here again. I will never eat here again.

  • Cade C.

    star star star star star 22 July 2021

    my name is cade and i eat at new orleans poboy everyday and get anything chicken, best chicken i've ever had 10/10 recommend everyone to go there, service is great and everything else about the place is great. will be going there until it's gone. ps eating some chicken right now as i type this so everyone try it out.

  • Christy M.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 21 July 2021

    I ordered a grilled chicken poboy. Hold lettuce, hold tomato, extra pickles. I had to put everything on one side of the sandwich and it was still a terrible excuse for a poboy! This is the stingiest place I've ever been too!

  • Estefany C.

    star star_border star_border star_border star_border 18 July 2021

    I haven't been here in years. They use to have great homemade burgers and good food in general. The bread was so stale it was like it was toasted which it wasnt we watched them make the food. The patty was as tgin as a Mc Donald's happy meal burger. The shrimp tasted dirty ad well. Sad to say we will NEVER be back there!

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